How to stay on top of it all: Confessions of a Free-Selective.

I have a long list of things I value, things I want to do, things I need to do. Some of the things on my list are time-sensitive, but most are not. An appointment with a pastor is time-sensitive. Getting to that book on Ignatius of Loyola is not. I don’t forget things that are time-sensitive. Those that aren’t, well… that can be a different story.  I wouldn’t say I’m a procrastinator; I prefer to think of myself as a “Free-Selective” (Don’t bother with a google…I just now made it up.) As a Free-Selective I feel a freedom to select what I give my time to and what not. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But I must confess, I’ve come to realize I can be a poor Free-Selective. You see I tend to gravitate towards those things I enjoy doing or those that are easy to do, and end up neglecting the rest of the things on my list. Any Free-Selectives out there? Anyways… if you’re tired of feeling frustrated all the time due to the fact that you are neglecting so many important things. Here’s something you can try.

Divide your days into blocks of time. Each block of time is reserved for certain things. Only allow yourself to do those specific things during their allotted block of time. For example, you might have a block of time reserved for administration, another one for returning phone calls and emails. You could have a block of time for study, or reading, or planing. Get it?

You know what you’ll discover? At the end of each day you’ll feel pretty good about what you have accomplished. You’ll be giving time to everything on your list, not just those things you enjoy giving time to. Also, it will be easier to take off your “Pastor” hat at the end of the day and allow yourself to enjoy “you-time” and “family-time.”

Do you want to read more? Schedule it! Do you find yourself needing time to think and reflect? Schedule it! Do you want meaningful time with your spouse or kids? Schedule it! Schedule what you value and need to be healthy and happy and responsible and then guard that time as you would any other appointment you might make. I guarantee you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more balanced in your soul. You’ll find it easier to take off your “pastor-hat” and relax with family and friends. Free-Selectives…unite!

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