How to Preach Better

I wish I had a preaching coach when I started out in the ministry back in 1979. It’s not that I was a poor communicator, actually I think I did pretty well without any formal training in preaching…but that’s the thing, you don’t know what you don’t know.

You are a communicator. You preach and teach…it’s a big part of what you do. You will become a better communicator, a better preacher, a better teacher if occasionally you solicited the help of someone who understands preaching and can give you some objective and specific suggestions. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.

For example, when I’m coaching a pastor in the area of preaching, one of the areas I score them in is application. Typically pastors think they are far better at application than they are. When I score them low, they are usually surprised. They don’t know what they don’t know. Another area I pay attention to is that of clarity, i.e. are they clear in what they’re trying to communicate? Often times pastors are not as clear as they think they are. A rule to remember is: Never underestimate your ability to be vague while thinking you’re being clear.

A good preaching coach can help poor communicators become good communicators. Good communicators can become great communicators. And great communicators can become better still. Find someone who is an experienced preacher-teacher and ask them to listen to a few of your sermons and then give you some honest, helpful feedback. You’ll be glad you did…and so will the people who listen to you on Sundays. Oh, and by the way…I’m a preaching coach. What shameless self promotion.

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