How to Make a Great Decision.

Pastors are always in the process of making a decision about something. Challenges, problems, and opportunities come our way all the time. “Should we do this, should we do that?” You know exactly what I mean.

Since one of the most common things pastors want coaching in pertains to some sort of decision they and their leaders need to make I want to share with you my six steps to making a great decision.

1. Great decisions are preceded by great thinking.┬áNever rush into a decision, especially if it’s an important one. Ask the Holy Spirit to come and help you and your team think the issue through.

2. Thinking should be regarded as a spiritual discipline. The thinking I’m suggesting is not simply an intellectual exercise. Spiritual people think and spiritual people think spiritually.

3. Time must be set apart solely for thinking. Do you have place in your calendar devoted to the practice of thinking? Pastors need “think time.”

4. We must make sure we are thinking about what we need to be thinking about. Don’t be afraid to challenge your assumptions. You might think you should be thinking about one thing but really you need to be thinking about something different.

5. When thinking, the focus must be on asking the right questions rather than getting the right answers. This step is connected to the previous one. Great answers always follow great questions. Here are a some examples of questions that must be asked when thinking:

Why do I think this is what needs to be thought through?

If there was anything more important to think through what might it be?

What might I/we be missing?

Who do we know that might be able to help us think?

6. The more important the decision the more essential it is to find someone objective to help you make it.

This is where a good coach comes in. I’m often amazed at how often pastors and their leaders make decisions about incredibly important things without getting any kind of outside advice or perspective. It is helpful to find someone objective in helping you reach your objectives.