How to Juggle Multiple Projects Without Going Crazy

There are more things that make up my work week than just coaching pastors. I always have many projects on the burner. Some of these projects are major, and others minor. I don’t know about you, but I can often feel frustrated, not really overwhelmed, but frustrated with projects that are important to me but keep being pushed back or neglected.

Recently this frustration forced me to develop a way to stay on top of projects whether they be major or minor. The following are the 6 steps I came up:

1. Identify and seperate all those things that need to be done (pressing/time-sensitive) versus those things that I want to do (not pressing or things I find more enjoyable). What could be done and what needs/should be done are often two different things.

2. Compile two lists: List #1, those things that need to be done. List #2, those things I want to do but are not pressing.

3. Prioritize list #1.

4. Systematically work my way down list #1 and don’t worry too much concerning those things on list #2.

3. Peacefully check off a couple things from list 1 (those things that need to be done) then allow myself to do one or two things from list 2 (those things that are not pressing but projects I would find more enjoyable). This will give me an enjoyable break from list 1.

6. Don’t neglect list 2 entirely. Let it be the “break I take” from list 1 which sometimes can be less enjoyable than those things on list 2.

This simple process has reduced significantly my frustration with juggling multiple projects and has helped me to be more productive.

How do you stay on top of multiple projects?

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