How To Develop a Great, Balanced Sermon.

I serve many pastors by being their preaching coach. I love the whole process of sermons. I love sermon prep. I love sermon delivery. I love homiletics. I love being able to help pastors become better speakers.

Here’s a little something I got from John Ortberg.

Great public speakers ask themselves three questions when working on their presentation:

1. What do I want them to know? This appeals to the intellect.

2. What do I want them to feel? This appeals to the emotions.

3. What do I want them to do? This appeals to the will.

Great presentations/lectures/sermons will touch upon all three.

The next time you’re working on your sermon ask yourself, “Where am I appealing to their intellect? Where am I appealing to their emotions? Where am I appealing to their will?


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