How Denominations Kill Their Pastors


A denomination is like the pastor of a local church, they rely on volunteers to make the organization run.

In the case of a denominations, they ask pastors who are already too busy and overextended to take on additional responsibilities for the denomination. And, of course, the pastor always feels honored when asked.

I’m always concerned that the pastor not become a “busy” pastor. If you’re asked by your group to “head something up” or “oversee this, or that” ask yourself the following questions before giving an answer:

1. After serious prayer have I come away with a clear sense of God’s will for me in this matter?

2. After serious conversation with my spouse have I come away with a clear sense of what they feel and want?

3. Can I take on this additional responsibility without compromising:

My children, i.e. time with the kids.

My marriage, i.e. time with my spouse.

My church, i.e. my first responsibility is to the congregation God has called me to care for.

My physical body, i.e. will this cut into my need for rest, time-off, will this reduce stress or increase stress?

My soul, i.e. will this enable me to spend more time in solitude with God or less? Will the added responsibilities make it easier for my own spiritual formation or more difficult?

Make no decision, no matter how tempting the offer is, until after having worked through the above questions.


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