Hoping The Appraisal Comes in High.

An appraiser came out to “appraise” our house in order to determine its value. She walked around, took pictures and measurements, asked some questions, and left. She’ll go back to her office, search for “comparables”, i.e. what comparable homes in our area are selling for, and then determine the value of the home. It’s not so much value as it is salability, what you could expect someone to be willing to pay for the home. This, in turn, or at least in our case, determines how much money the bank is willing to loan you to cover the purchase price of the home when you’re hoping to refinance your loan. You see… in America we buy things we can’t afford by using someone else’s money and they make money on their money I charging interest. So… we pay money to borrow money which results in paying more money than we originally needed to buy the thing that we didn’t have money for in the first place. When one takes the time to write it all down it really does sound insane, and very well might be. But once again, this is America, and one must own a home, so what are you going to do?

I believe it was my freshman year in college that I worked part-time for an appraiser, Bill Fawcett. That was one of the most enjoyable jobs I ever had prior to entering the ministry.

I am a type of appraiser now. I help pastors appraise their lives and the life of their church. My appraisal of most churches is that they are doing pretty well but could be much more effective with some changes that, typically, they are more than capable of making, relatively easy to implement.

They say, in regards to houses or anything you’re trying to sell, that it doesn’t matter what the owner thinks the house is worth, or even what it genuinely is worth. It only matters what the other person is willing to pay.

The appraiser is more objective than the homeowner. It’s not unusual for the appraiser to come in with a lower value than the owner imagined. One reason for this is that the owner of the home is emotionally attached to the property, thus the owner lacks objectivity. The appraiser, on the other hand, has no emotional attachment to the home and can therefore assess the value objectively.

When was the last time you had an objective assessment of your life or your church? I’m an assessor. I’m a coach. I can help.

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