His Church Dropped From 80 to 10.

Journal entry 3.21.08

The other day I finally connected with Frank, I think that’s his name. His church has dropped from 80 to 10 in a very short time. This has placed a financial burden on he and his family. They might lose their home. He is looking for work… looking for work at 53! Those remaining in his church now meet in his home. Despite all this, he sends out a daily newsletter of encouragement. He was able to laugh, quote Scripture, speak of his desire to love anyone God brought to him. Amazing. I told him, “I tip my hat to you. I salute you.” And I meant it.

We pastors have our heroes. Oh we would never call them that but they catch our eye and capture our admiration. Maybe it’s the one who has a large church, a nice building, has written a book or speaks at conferences. Maybe our hero is on the radio or TV, in magazines. We look at them and something deep down says, “wow.”

I, however, choose to salute and admire guys like Frank who despite the disappointment still get up every Sunday to preach and love. They have the hardest job in America but they keep showing up. They remain faithful to their calling, their integrity, their faith, their spouse, their church. I salute you Frank.


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