Highligths #2: Breakfast With Fred, by Fred Smith Sr.


Fred Smith, Sr. might be the best-kept secret of American Christianity today. His speaking engagements and books have inspired excellence in countless people, but even more influential are his now infamous breakfast meetings.  Now the wisdom he imparted to the dozens of Christian leaders he personally mentored can have the same shaping influence on your life. Fred’s clear views and exceptional insights into successful Christian living will inspire you to reach your potential with questions, Scripture, and one-liners that will stay with you long after you have put the book down. (From the back cover)

Here are some of passages that I highlighted:

In order to accomplish anything, you must have a definite goal. Unless you can write it down, it isn’t definite or specific.

The three legs of leadership are: Character, Passion, and Purpose. Lead with character, passion, and purpose.

Most people listen negatively, which is simply keeping silent or reloading while  the other is shooting.

Heroes don’t have to be famous-they only have to be heroic.

Fred Rogers, host of the children’s television show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, used to do a ritual every time he spoke before a crowd. He would ask the audience to pause for a minute of silence and think about all those who had helped them become who they are. Once, in a prestigious gathering at the White House, he was given only eight minutes to address children’s issues, and still he devoted one of those minutes to silence. “Invariably, that’s what people will remember,” he said, “that silence.”

Heroes are the people who lead us in the right direction.

What grieves you is a clue to what you are assigned to heal and restore.

What grieves you the most reveals the greatest gifts you contain.

Remember the great story of the statue of David? When Michelangelo was asked how he carved such a splendid work out of the massive piece of marble, he replied, “Simple. I just cut away everything that wasn’t David.”

People who want to change make a plan.

A problem well-defined is half solved. The secret of good decisions is in knowing all the options. Once we know the options, it is fairly simple to choose the best one.

Make clear decisions about what you read and why.

Leaders are readers.

Questions for reflection:

1. What one fact do I feel has affected my life the most?

2. What one final thing would I say to my children and grandchildren?

3. What is the one statement that most deeply stirs me?

4. What is the one thing that I could say that would affect my hearers the most?

To think about death too much is morbid. Not to think about it at all is stupid.

One young pastor remarked angrily, “I am tired of God calling me collect. Every time He calls, I end up paying.”

“A leader is not the one who has the best ideas; a leader is the man or woman who uses the best ideas.”

Our society has chosen personality over character.

Thomas Kelly, the eminent Quaker philosopher, said that inside each person there should be a quiet center that nothing can disturb.

Questions for reflection:

1. What are some of my best habits?

2. In what areas have I lacked accomplishment due to bad habits?