Hi, I’m Dave Jacobs and I’m afraid to die.



I’m afraid to die. I’m not afraid to be dead because I’m confident that my faith in Christ guarantees me eternal life. But I’m afraid of the process of death, facing death. Actually, and to be more specific, I’m afraid of the fear that might accompany the end. So over the last couple years I’ve been reading up on the topic: The fear of death. Below you’ll find some of the quotes I’ve come across (some even from me) that I’ve found helpful for me to begin the process of preparing to die.

I fear the fear that might accompany the end. –me

Death is no more than falling blindly into the arms of God. –St. Maria Maravillas di Jesus

I want to live until I die. –me

When we are ready to die at any moment, we are ready to live at any moment. –Nouwen

By befriending death we are liberated to live. –Sue Mosteller, forward to Nouwen’s Befriending Death.

It seems indeed important that we face death before we are in any real danger of dying and reflect on our mortality before all our conscious and unconscious energy is directed to the struggle to survive. It is important to be prepared for death, very important, but if we start thinking about it only when we are terminally ill, our reflections will not give us the support we need. –Nouwen, A Letter of Consolation.

Nouwen believed that if we could relate to death as a familiar guest instead of a threatening stranger, we would be able to shed many of our doubts and insecurities, face our mortality, and live as free people. –Michelle O’ Rourke, Befriending Death.

Try to live now in such a manner that at the moment of death, you may be glad rather then fearful. –Thomas a’ Kempis, The Imitation of Christ.

There is more to life than life. There is death. Death is more. –me

Because I have lived many years there is, for me, an option about preparing to die. I know that I have no choice about how long I will live, but I do have a decision about how to live, and a choice about how I will face my aging, and about how I will live my exodus. I may be bedridden and that will be totally out of my control, but with my faculties I choose now the way I will live my declining years. –Nouwen, Finding my way home.

Very few people seem to regard death as a good thing. –Ibid

Death, our own or that of loved ones, is not our worst enemy. –Ibid

Life is a school in which we are trained to depart. That is what mortification really means: training to die, to cut away the enslaving ties with the past. So that what we call death is not a surprise anymore, but the last of many gateways that lead to the full human experience. –Ibid

Death, is a spiritual event that requires preparation. –The Art of Dying, Rob Moll

It is good to look death in the eye and constantly remind ourselves that our hope is in God, who defeated death. –Ibid

Death is a sacred moment long prepared for. –Ibid

The spiritual preparation necessary for a good, faithful death accumulates slowly over time. –Ibid

Latin: ars moriebdu = the art of dying. –Ibid

The time for end of life discussions is long before they are ever needed. –Ibid

The beginning of the end will happen at some point. –me

One day I will die, but I will never be dead. –me

Your imagination exaggerates how bad death will be. –Francois Fenelon, The Seeking Heart

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