Halloween 364 Days A Year


I’ve noticed that there haven’t been many warnings on social media about the evils of this day. At least not as many as in previous years. Strange indeed. This is one holiday that many Christians can really get worked up about. Maybe they’re right. I don’t know. Halloween has, however, ┬ábecome more and more strange. A whole industry has risen up. There are greeting cards, costumes, haunted houses, candy. I just received in my inbox this morning an advertisement from a flower company giving me a discount on a Halloween bouquet of roses.

It’s the blood and gore that bothers me, the simulation of being a killer or the victim of a killer. We think it’s fun to scare people. But scared people, psychopaths with guns and knives, people being butchered, have become the norm in our headlines and are announced every day. How is it that we have come to find it fun to pretend to be such things?

I bet if the person walking around with a make-believe meat cleaver stuck in his head actually knew someone who died this way they wouldn’t think it was cool.

How could someone who has ever been horrified think it was fun to horrify someone else?

I only have one problem with Halloween and it’s not our children dressed as princesses and superheroes, it’s not the begging for candy. I’m not really worried about witches meeting in secret somewhere, casting spells on Christians. What disturbs me is the glorification of violence, death, and gore. The scary part of Halloween has become the norm for the other 364 days of the year. Do we really need one special day to celebrate the insanity, pain, and suffering all around us?