Guest Post, Dennis McGuire: Steering your church, creating a culture.

It was my  first church and I was about to buy a church building. I felt God say, “Don’t do it. Hire Dennis instead.” I did, I’m glad I did. Dennis was my first man on staff and the first one we sent out to plant our first daughter church. Since then Dennis has served in many churches and was recently called to Arcata First Baptist Church. -Dave Jacobs

I was recently called to a new church. During the interviewing process I asked God if there was anything about the church that I would need to know that the search team may not have shared with me. God confirmed to me that the search team was being forthright about the health of the church and then spoke these words, “There is nothing wrong with the church that you need to be concerned about. They just need a Captain to steer their ship.”

I continued to press in and seek God regarding this and I saw the picture of a large ship. This ship had seven names written alongside the bow. Those names were: Discipleship, Fellowship, Leadership, Membership, Relationship, Stewardship and Worship.

I felt God say that if I would focus on these seven “ships” in the life and ministry of the church that God would add passengers along the way and that the ship would become full and able to sail into God’s unique plans and purpose for them. It is important to note that the ship I saw in my mind was docked in port and so this was a significant word that I have sought to follow as I lead the church in the things of God. It is also true that when I arrived at the church they were pretty much stalled and not moving forward.

The question then was how do I focus on these areas of church life and ministry? It became clear to me that the key to strengthening these areas in the life of the church revolved around creating a culture that would reflect God’s heart in each of these areas. Therefore I have sought to model, mentor, motivate and minister these values before the church body.

Discipleship – I seek to create a culture of hunger for the things of God. A desire to learn and the importance of having a teachable spirit give’s birth to discipleship. Where there is no hunger there will be no disciples.

Fellowship – I seek to create a culture of unity and brotherhood. Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity. Church should be a fun place to get serious about God!

Leadership – I seek to create a culture of influence. Live to be significant. Live to impact others.

Membership – I seek to create a culture of belonging and acceptance. We are about grace, redemption, hope and love. We want this culture to permeate our church family.

Relationship – I seek to create a culture of honor. Honoring, preferring and valuing others is key to church health. The kingdom of God flows out of relationships.

Stewardship – I seek to create a culture of giving and generosity. We teach people that they have been blessed to be a blessing.

Worship – I seek to create a Jesus culture. It’s all about Him, not us. He is Worthy!

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