Guest Post by Dave Rant: Why aren’t small church pastors ever asked to speak at conferences?

So I’m on this website with information on an up-coming national pastors conference. Listed were all the main speakers with a little bit of information on each one. So far, so good. And then…there it was. I’d hoped that maybe this time they’d leave it out, but apparently they just couldn’t resist. Along with the description of each of the speakers was the size of their church. And you guessed it. They all had huge churches.

Why did they feel a need to include that? Why does it seem like speakers at conferences always are the ones with big churches? When was the last time you attended a conference and one of the main speakers was the pastor of a small church? How does it make the pastors of normal size churches feel when all they ever hear from at conferences are pastors of abnormal sized churches? Is it possible that the pastor of a small church might have something important enough to say to be a “main speaker” at a national conference? But then again, would anyone come to a conference whose line up was made up of unknown small church pastors?

I can feel my blood pressure rising. The room is spinning. Just dialed 911. Can’t complete sen…

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