Guest Post by Dave Rant: Talk about Condescending.


So I’m talking to  a friend of mine who pastors a church of about 100, one state over from mine. He tells me that he and a group of pastors in his city, all of which have churches of about 100, were invited over to the church of this guy who has a church of 1500. The guy tells them he’d like to have them over for lunch, show them his building, and share some things with them. So they all go over there, get a tour and some beef stroganoff from the deli next door. After which the pastor of the big church proceeds to share with them how they can get their church to grow big like his. I’m thinking to myself: How condescending.

Why did this guy think the other pastors would want to come over to his place, see his building, listen to him share with them? I wonder what would have happened if my friend with the church of 100 had invited the big guy over to see his building, would he have taken the time to come? I wonder how the big guy would have felt if my friend shared with him the advantages of pastoring a smaller church, how he became a small church pastor and the seven steps to shrinking your church down to 100?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

I need to calm down.

Could someone bring me a paper bag to breathe into?

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