Going Deeper with Dave: Moderation and Broken Eggs

Today I wanted to share with you a quote from one of my favorite devotional books, A Monk’s Alphabet by Father Jeremy Driscoll:

“Egg. We hardly think of that when we do it, but to do it without breaking it an knowledge is required that is acquired. I mean picking up an egg with the right force. Too much and it would break all GUI in my hand. Too little and I drop it. But surely many other things are like this, and the egg is its image. The egg as image of moderation! I need to learn this. Moderation is an acquired knowledge of not too much and not too little, and its application changes according to circumstances. Not to break the egg and not to let it drop… the goal of my life.”

The application of this touches both parishioner and pastor. It seems that those who get in trouble are those who choose the extreme rather than the moderate or the balanced. Oftentimes the mess in our hands or on the floor is really more our fault than anything or anyone else.

Are you currently challenged by a decision or response that you’re not quite sure how to handle? Reflect rather than react. Prayerfully wait upon the Lord to receive His guidance and direction. When we do this more we discover more the place moderation plays in our lives and our spiritual formation.

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