Going Deeper: Those Lonely Night Watches

Psalm 63:6 “When I remember you on my bed, I meditate on you in the night watches.”

The phrase, “night watches” meant more than merely thinking upon God in the evening. Soldiers in David’s time, and even in modern times of war, eventually had to serve on on a night watch. These were often isolated and lonely times of staying awake while others rested. The soldier on the night watch had the sole purpose of keeping his eyes open for possible enemy attack.

In addition to this, the “night watch” often referred to those priests who were assigned night duty inside the temple. While everyone else was home in bed these priests roamed the empty and quiet Temple making sure the candles stayed lit and the shewbread stayed warm.

If you walk with Christ long enough you will eventually be asked to serve on a night watch. These will be times when you feel isolated, all alone, everyone else is home safe and warm in their beds but you. The attitude of those on the night watch, whether they be soldier or priest, was “You sleep, you rest, I’ll keep watch.”

When someone does not have the energy to keep watch, we can watch for them, i.e. prayer and intercession. We need to allow people to rest, sleep. We need to allow ourselves to rest and sleep we just need to make sure we have someone to keep watch for us, someone who’ll make sure we will eventually wake up.

Are you on a night watch? Do you know anyone who needs to rest, sleep? Who could you keep watch for? Do you need to rest, sleep? Who could you call upon to keep watch for you? Don’t be surprised when the time comes for your night watch.

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