Going Deeper: The Secretive Presence of God

Journal entry: 4.3.12

Psalm 31:20 “You hide me in the secret place of your presence…”

“… we no longer see what is directly in front of us.”

Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

Apparently the presence of God is something we can see (Shekinah), feel, experience. But also hide behind or be hidden by. God’s “presence” is a secret place… not a “secret” in the sense of, “I won’t tell you, or you don’t know this but…” it’s a place of hiding, protection, a barrier behind which one goes, or is placed, to rest and wait.

In the night I can hold my hand up and block out the great moon. God’s presence blocks me off, behind it I can hide from my enemies.

Enemies: “I don’t see him. Do you see him? Where did he go? Where is he hiding?” 

Outside of the sensory, experiential presence of God, His presence is a completely faith-based thing. We say that God is Omnipresent, so His presence is always there. Sometimes felt, usually not. Still there, as real whether felt or not. The “experience” (felling His presence, or not) has absolutely no bearing on its existence. His presence is not a secret but it follows us around secretly. God’s presence. Beautiful. Such a joy, a comfort.

Question: Is this a time when you “feel” His presence or does it seem to be hiding from you? Share with me.

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