Going Deeper: Is My Problem Hypocrisy or Self-Serving Inconsistency?

A couple months ago for my quiet times I chose to meditate through the book of Daniel. Daniel was righteous and no doubt did not participate in the sins and apostasy of his people and yet, I noticed, when he interceded for them, he used the word “we” and not “they.” 

It’s so easy to find fault in the “church” and forget that “you” are the church. A while back I made fun of a television preacher to one of my clients. Granted, I did remind us both that the one I was mocking was my brother, but still it was wrong for me to do so. This yelling, prancing, manipulating man is my brother, we are related, we are part of the whole. But I never said to my pastor friend on the other end of the phone, “Look what we’ve become. Look what we can do.” 

The other night Ellen was expressing her sorrow at knowing that there was strife between some of her children. This must be how God feels. But the irony is that God sees all kinds of sins, inconsistencies, faults with me… so who am I to cast stones, especially when living in a glass house? 

I am far more comfortable with my sins than I am with the sins of others, far more forgiving of me than they. I want grace and patience but dole it out miserly to others. I’m not sure this is technically hypocrisy, but more inconsistency, self-serving inconsistency, and of course, a simple failure to walk in love.

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