Going Deeper: Drilling For Water


“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” -Jesus

I’m sad to say…we need a new well. We get our water from a well. Seven years ago when we told our children we were moving to a place where you got your water from a  well they couldn’t understand why we would do something so primitive. We then realized that the only “well” they were accustomed to was the one they saw on Little House On The Prairie. After we explained things they calmed down.

A few days ago I had a fascinating time with Kevin the well-digger. He is a “dowser” and uses this ancient way of detecting water along with looking for things like the existence of large trees, paths of vegetation, etc.

Kevin claims that dousing is the ability some people have to pick up on the electromagnetic field that is underground where water is. It’s a combination of the dowser’s electromagnetic field and the earth’s electromagnetic field coming in contact with each other that indicates water. Of course you don’t know for certain until you drill.

Drilling doesn’t create the water, it merely discovers it… makes it possible to tap into it. The water is already there, underground, quietly and secretly, humbly flowing and feeding without any fanfare.

God allows drilling in our lives and when He does He either finds water or not.

Water has always been a metaphor for the spiritual. There are indications of underground water, i.e. trees, a Y-shaped stick being pulled toward the ground. There are indications of spirituality, some on the surface and some under the surface.

We don’t like being drilled into but often that is the only way we discover what’s really inside of us, what we’re really made of. The drilling releases either good or bad. Trials don’t so much build character as they reveal character.

Let me ask you, how’s your inner well? Have you been filling it with prayer, scripture meditation, reflection…time alone with God? Do you find yourself in a time when the Father is drilling? Trust Him. Submit completely and joyfully to His loving and purposeful work in you.