Going Deeper: A leisurely time with God.

Journal entry 2.8.12

Sleeping better and waking earlier with an anticipation to get in this chair, especially in the mornings where I know I will have one and a half to two hours to spend with God should I choose.

More and more convinced that quiet has its best effect on us when we don’t need to keep one eye on the clock. A leisurely time with God. We call these “times” a devotional-time, quiet-time, my time with God. The best “times” with God are those spent with no consciousness of time, no demand to finish so that you must start something else.

For me, achieving this requires a minimal of one hour but one and a half hours to two is better. Not that half an hour, or less, cannot be meaningful, but more time is a better time. And this is true, not because the “more” gains more favor (for we are God’s “favored ones” with or without silence and solitude) but “More’s” value lies in its intrinsic leisure.

When was the last time you were able to spend time with God without one eye on the clock?

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