Four Ways Pastors Can Become More Humble

Recently someone contacted me asking if I could help them with their pride. The actual question was, “How can I become more humble?” This impressed me for two reasons. 1) Most people don’t recognize pride in their lives, and 2) if they do, it’s unlikely that they will be brave enough, or humble enough, to actually seek out help.

So I got to thinking, what practical things could we do that would lead us towards humility? I came up with four ways to become more humble: talk less, do less, reveal less, and invest more…

1. Talk less. Giving up the need to have an opinion, and answer, a solution for everything is a freedom few of us experience. There is a reason why many from monastic traditions took vows of silence. It was their belief that by merely talking less one could experience God more and experience the humility which brings Him pleasure. It has always been my opinion that pastors talk too much, and I should know, I was one.

2. Do less. So often we derive our sense of value by what we do, our job. A full schedule, at least in our minds, validates our existence and says to those who observe us, “Look how busy I am, I’m so important.” It’s not unusual for a pastor whose schedule is too full to be driven by pride and not even realize it. We worry about what people think, will they question whether or not I’m “earning my pay?”

3. Reveal less. Avoid every opportunity to draw attention to yourself or to your accomplishments, by this I mean any form of subtle boasting. It’s amazing how easy it is for us to sneak in self flattery.

4. Invest more time alone with Jesus. When we spend time in silence and solitude with our Lord, the meek and humble Jesus rubs off on us. His character slowly,over time changes our character, especially in the area of pride.

So if we want to be more humble a good place to start will be to: talk less, do less, reveal less, and invest more time sitting with Jesus.

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