Four Great Questions to Evaluate Recent And Future Events.


Have you ever planned something (an event of some sort, the Sunday morning service, a sermon, etc.) and everything worked perfectly? Ah come on…it must have happened at least once!

When a plan works it really feels good. There are three essentials for pulling off a successful event, and more specifically, successful future events.

You plan. You execute. You evaluate. I want to focus on the last of these three, evaluate.

Let me share with you four evaluation questions for you and your ministry team to ask following every event. These questions aren’t just for pastors. If you lead any type of team in your church these four questions can make a world of difference. I stole this from someone, who stole it from someone, who probably stole it from someone else.

Let’s use the example of the Sunday morning service. Here are four simple questions to ask that will help the Sunday morning experience for your people get better and better. If you pastor a small church then ask you and your spouse these questions. If you have a leadership team you meet with on a regular basis, you can ask the same questions.

1. What went right?

2. What went wrong?

3. What was missing?

4. What was confusing?

Don’t put all your focus on planning. Don’t forget the importance of evaluation.