Four Essentials to Consider Before Announcing Your Goals For 2016:

Usually there are two goals for the month of December regardless of the year: 1) get through December, and 2) set your goals for 2016.

As you’re working with your team on planning out 2016, consider these four essentials.

1. Were the goals for 2015 achieved? If not, do they need to be rolled over into 2016?

2. Do your goals reflect a realistic assessment of your time, energy, and resources?

3. How will you know if your inspiration is coming from boredom, desperation, or the Holy Spirit?

4. Once your plan for 2016 is finalized, what will be your plan for casting and communicating the vision? How many ways will you cast it, how many times?

5. Get a year-at-a-glance calendar to schedule and see the “big picture.” Goals aren’t goals until dates are assigned. When planning you want to avoid major events bumping into one another or overlapping. Bumping into and overlapping leads to pastor, leader, and church fatigue.