Five Reasons Why Preaching On Tithing Doesn’t Work, pt. 6

This is the last in a six part series on reasons why preaching on tithing doesn’t work. If you haven’t been following me on this until now, you might want to go back to the beginning.

To summarize, pastors don’t speak on tithing that often and sometimes this is due to fear, i.e. fear that people will think “All they want is my money.” Also, our people tend to only hear about tithing/giving when the church is in trouble. Speaking on tithing might bring some change but it is usually limited, minimal, and temporary. Peaching on tithing seldom deals with the underlying reasons why most people don’t tithe.

Here are my recommendations. Tell me what you think.

We need to speak more about tithing/giving rather than less. Preach on money regardless if the offerings are up or down. The more frequently we allow this subject to come up the less awkward and uncomfortable it will seem when we talk about it. Schedule a few times a year to preach on this and take any opportunity you have when preaching your ‘non-tithing’ sermons to touch upon it if the sermon passage brings it (or something related to it) up. Remember, Jesus talked a lot about money, giving, materialism, and our attitudes about these things.

The next time you preach on tithing be honest with your people about the reluctance you have to share on this topic. Tell them how pastors are afraid of turning people off, being misunderstood, etc.

Focus your tithing sermons on the underlying reasons why people hold on to their money: fear, materialism, selfishness, lack of faith. Once again, topics Jesus regularly spoke on.

And don’t forget to pray, asking God to fill your church with generous people. Since we’re mentioning prayer…if you are mad or irritated with your church, or even specific members of your church, due to a lack of giving, hold off on until you have brought these feelings to God and received an adequate amount of healing so that your sermons can be filled with love, and grace.


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