Five Reasons Why Preaching on Tithing Doesn’t Work, pt. 4

This is part four of a six part series on Why Preaching on Tithing Doesn’t Work. In case you’re just now joining us, you might want to go back and start here.

The fourth reason why preaching on tithing doesn’t work is, well, because it doesn’t work…at least not to the degree we hoped for.

Recently on my Small Church Pastor Group Page on Facebook, I said, “We have this idea that if you teach on tithing you’ll get tithers. When has that ever really happened?” I was surprised by how many (actually only a few, but still) who reported that they’ve had pretty good luck with preaching on tithing. Usually, for me, when talking to a pastor about this, the conversation goes something like…

Pastor Bill: I’m really concerned about our giving. If something doesn’t change we’re going to be in trouble soon.

Me: How do you intend to respond to this?

Pastor Bill: Well it’s been a while since I’ve taught on tithing. (See part one) I guess it’s time.

Me: How did it go the last time you preaching on tithing?

Pastor Bill: Well, giving went up a little but then it creeped back down.

Me: What are your reasons for believing that you will get different results this time?

When we talk about teaching on tithing ‘working’, I’m assuming we mean resulting in people who were not tithing, changing and becoming tithers, permanent tithers. And what we’re really hoping for is that a large enough group of non-tithers will become tithers that it will turn things around for us as a church financially…especially if we are barely getting by or are in financial trouble.

There is an explanation why preaching on tithing seldom gives us the results we’re looking for, and we’ll touch upon this in part five.


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