Five Essential Monday Morning Questions

As a coach, I believe that so much depends on us asking the right questions at the right time. Here are five essential questions you need to ask every Monday morning. Unless you take Mondays off, then ask these questions on Tuesday. 😉

    1. What do I need to follow up on from Sunday? This would be visitors, people you prayed for or counseled, it could mean supplies you noticed you were running low on, i.e. toilet paper, etc.
    2. Who do I need to forgive? Have you noticed how often people disappoint you on Sunday morning? Someone doesn’t show up who is in charge of something. Someone says some discouraging or critical thing to you.
    3. What do I need to accept? For some of us Sunday morning just reminds us how small we are. Our size is something we must learn to accept. Maybe you have limited quality for a children’s ministry. Maybe your music isn’t as good as you’d like. These are examples of things we have to learn to accept.
    4. How prepared am I for my day off? You do have a day off from pastoring don’t you? When will that day be? What do you have to do in order to completely detach from all things related on that day?
    5. When will I take time to be alone with God this week?

Can you think of any more essential questions for Monday morning?


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