Find out what happened when coach Marty Boller coached coach Dave Jacobs

I got coached!

Recently I experienced the power of coaching when I allowed pastor and coach Marty Boller to help me process the quandary I felt about what my approach should be towards a few writing projects I have. By the time we hung up I felt I had more clarity. This is precisely what good coaching does. And it might be clarity in a relatively small point of something larger but like a tiny pebble in your shoe distracts you from moving forward comfortably, the “small thing” is bigger than it appears.

Now I might have gained the clarity on my own, eventually, without Marty. But maybe not, and maybe not until after a period of procrastination or the common neglect of one project for another when one has on their plate many projects. So… good coaching not only helps with clarity but also speeds up the clarity-gaining process which in turn helps all projects on the plate fall into a more neat an intelligent order from which they all benefit.

Are you in a quandary? Are you struggling to gain clarity or direction? Do you find yourself procrastinating? For some reason do you find it difficult to decide what to focus on first? If so, you might benefit from a coach. Contact me, maybe I can help.

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