Experience, expertise, and past victories can lead to presumption and self-confidence.

In I Chronicles 14 we read one of many accounts of David’s military conquests. Twice David had asked God for specific instructions before entering into battle and God answered. One time God left the details up to David, the other time God gave specific details: go around the back of your enemies and listen.

David was an experienced military man and could have relied on that experience and gone into battle merely hoping/praying that this was God’s will. Also, attacking the Philistines was the obvious, the logical thing to do… but still, he asked.

Our experienced/expertise and logic will tempt us to presume. On these two occasions David would not presume. Plus… previous victories can lead to presumption and self confidence. So far so good David, although, I believe down the road he will forget to ask and it will get him into trouble.

Often what we call faith is nothing more than presumption, our expectation/faith is based more on a rabbits foot than God’s word. The only thing we must base our faith on are the promises of God’s word. But that requires time and work. i.e. time to read, study, interpret, apply, listen and pray and seek… and we can be, typically, impatient and want to get on with things or do what we really want to do anyways or follow the advice of the latest book we read or conference we attended.

Most of you reading this are talented and experienced pastors. The dark side of this is our ability to presume upon the Lord and take action based on our expertise or experience instead of seeking, and waiting upon the Lord for his specific answer to our specific challenge. Sometimes God leaves the details up to us, and sometimes he wants us to, “… circle around and wait until you hear…”

Is there any action you are about to take that has not been preceded by prayer and waiting upon the Lord? Has God left the details up to you, or is there a specific plan from heaven and he wants you to follow?

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