Ex-Vineyard Worship Pastor gives Tedx talk and sets the bar for preachers.


My good friend Keith Seckel recently gave a Tedx talk entitled: Life and Death Matters. Keith was a worship pastor at a Vineyard church on the west coast before moving to Oregon about eight years ago to begin a house church. The house church has since disbanded but Keith’s pastoral skills are still alive and well as you will see.

As a preaching coach I was impressed that this is a perfect presentation. But what really stood out to me, as do all Ted talks, is how the speakers can dish out the meat in such a short period of time. Many Ted talks are under ten minutes.

As a preacher, could you do that? Could you hit the ball out of the park, like Keith, if you only had ten or fifteen minutes? You should be able to. I dare you to experiment with fifteen minute sermons for a month and then ask yourself…has the impact of my teaching/preaching ministry been better, the same, or worse? Adjust accordingly.

Now take 16 minutes and watch Keith show us how it’s done.

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