Either Pray or Preach, But Don’t Do Both.


(Mk. 12:40) “…and for appearance’s sake offer long prayers…”

For appearance sake (not for God sake… or their own soul’s sake) they offered long prayers.

It’s always interesting to listen to someone praying in pubic. I always take notice when when they moves back and forth from praying to preaching. They start by telling God something, then change to telling me something, when they’re supposed to be telling God something.

This happens all the time. I can fall into it.

There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable or eloquent when praying if… you’re not doing it for appearance sake. I believe it was Malachi who said, “When you come before God let your words be few.” The Lord’s Prayer is brief. Jesus’ recorded public prayers were brief.

The more words you use (whether in prayer, preaching, or casual conversation) the more risk you take. There can be a connection between length and pride. Brevity reflects humility.