Easter Service: It Was Great. It Was Normal. It Was Discouraging.

I like to check in with pastors after a major holiday like Easter to find out how things went. I also like to ask pastors a couple months away from a holiday service whether or not they are planning anything new. Some churches make a big deal out of holidays making a big push for members to invite their friends, and others, usually the ones who have not had good luck in the past using holidays as an opportunity for evangelism, don’t. I understand this. It’s discouraging to get your hopes up and then nobody shows up. If this happens to you a couple years in a row you just give up.

Anyways…all this month and the next I will be asking the pastors I coach “How was your Easter service?” I always get one of three responses:

  1. It was great! Lot’s of visitors. High attendance. People came to know Christ. Three people were raised from the dead. (Well maybe I don’t hear that too often)
  2. It was normal. Just like our usual Sundays.
  3. It was discouraging. Small crowd. No guests.

Which of the above best describes your Easter service?

If you are a #1…praise God! Give all glory to Him and move on.

If you are a #2 or #3…praise God that it was Easter whether your plans worked or not. Assuming that you at least preached about the resurrection, you reminded your people (no matter how few might have been there) that Jesus conquered death, and because of that, we will too. Give glory to Him and move on.

We have to reach the place where we don’t focus too much on our successes or too much on our failures. We do the best we can. Offer it up to God, and then turn around, walk away, and get back to work. Both victory and defeat can distract us from the simplicity of serving Jesus.

First Mary saw Jesus but the disciples missed out. Then the disciples saw Jesus but Thomas missed out. Then Thomas saw Jesus.

Do you feel like you missed out? Naw…you didn’t. That’s just how you feel. Don’t trust your feelings. Give glory to Him and move on.


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