Does your church need to be blown up, remodeled, or merely redecorated?

Sometimes, thankfully this is rare, a church needs to be blown up, closed down. I’ve actually known a couple churches that were so dysfunctional and toxic that the best thing that could be done for the people, their pastor, and the kingdom of God, would be for them to close their doors.

It’s easy during particularly difficult times for the pastor to think that the church is completely broken, and therefore, should be blown up and start over again from the ground up. But this is usually an exaggeration, and one born out of pain and frustration. One must remember, “It’s never completely broken and it’s never completely fixed.”

Whenever one is evaluating a church that needs change, or maybe even a ministry department within the church that needs change, the first question that must be asked is: Do we need to blow it up, remodel it, or merely redecorate it? What can be left alone and what needs to be changed? And of those things that need to be changed, what can be tweaked, and what needs to be created from scratch?

There’s seldom a need to blow the whole thing up. Oftentimes a church, or ministry department, needs either a remodeling, or a redecorating. It is the wise leader who is able to discern which of the three is needed.

Most churches, even those that are in desperate need of change, have the basics already set up. When this is true, the need is to learn how to do the basics better, more effective. And this always falls into the category of either remodeling, or redecorating.

It’s one thing to put on a new coat of paint, another thing to tear down a wall, and completely different thing to bring in a bulldozer and level the whole thing. Remember, it’s never completely broken and it’s never completely fixed.

Question: Which of the three does your church need the most: to be blown up, remodeled, or merely redecorated?

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