Do You Feel Trapped, buried alive?

A movie came out a while back called: Buried. It’s the story of a trucker named Paul Conroy who wakes up buried six feet underground with no idea who put him there or why. All he’s got is a cell phone and a lighter. Just the thought of being trapped like that sets my heart racing.

Hopefully you’ll never wake up six feet under but I bet there have been times when you have felt trapped…I know I have. Sometimes you can feel trapped in your own church, especially if growth is slow or non-existent. Maybe you feel trapped financially, or trapped with a dysfunctional board, or trapped in the sense that you feel that you have tried everything to grow your church but nothing has worked. Maybe you feel trapped in your personal life, trapped in some sin, trapped in a lack of spiritual growth, trapped in discouragement and depression.

Here’s simple process to work through that might help you dig out of the feeling of being trapped.

If you are feeling trapped in your church, or in your personal life, there are four specific steps that can help:

1. Keep a growing list of the lessons you are learning during the “trapped” phase of your life.

2. Set aside one hour (or so) a day to take small steps out of your trap.

3. Talk with your wisest and most trusted friend and ask her/his perspective on your situation.

4. Remember to keep focused on the small things that are going right even though a large part of your life still feels very “trapped.”

If you’re feeling trapped, I can help.

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