Ever Had A Ministry Close-call?

David had a good idea: “I’m going to build God a house.”

Not a bad idea, a good one, a commendable one. An idea that God had already thought up but one to be carried out by Solomon, not David. Good thing Nathan stopped him or else David would have spent a lot of time, money, and energy on a good idea that God did not ask him to do.

Are there things I’m spending time on, good things, but things God did not ask me to do? One must take very seriously embarking on major projects. We can fool ourselves into thinking all good ideas are God’s ideas. Even Nathan presumed a bit, “Do all that is in your heart, for God is with you.” I wonder if Nathan thought, after having received the word of the Lord, “Opps… I spoke prematurely. I should’ve counseled David to wait and pray about this more.” It all turned out okay, but it was a close call. Nathan responded right to David and David responded right to Nathan. Another story of God’s mercy, grace, and patience.

Be very careful that the things you’re investing your time and energy in are things God has asked you to do. Not all good ideas that come your way are God’s ideas. You barely have enough time to accomplish those tasks that are clearly from God, certainly you don’t have time to invest in tasks not from God… no matter how good and noble they may be. Do you have a Nathan in your life who is brave enough to tell you, “Slow down, wait, we need to hear more from God on this.”?

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