Dave’s Takeaways #27: Bits of Truth & Wisdom Gleaned From Past Coaching Calls


I know Paul said that our God is not a God of confusion but it seems that just means God isn’t confused.

In order to have a productive and meaningful leadership team meeting you might need to train your leaders how to have a productive and meaningful leadership team meeting.

Don’t run from culture. Don’t attack culture. Create culture.

We will never achieve a proper ‘outward focus’ if we hope for a balance (50/50) between outward focus and inward focus. We must lean more into an outward focus. May be 60/40 or 70/30.

Bullies don’t only hang out at playgrounds. Churches can have bullies as well. Bullies won’t stop until someone stops them. You get what you tolerate. Do you have a church-bully who needs to hear, “STOP IT”?

If I can’t hit a home run or a triple with a 15 minute sermon the problem wasn’t I didn’t have enough time.

Sometimes the supernatural word from God comes disguised as something natural. If we are only expecting God to speak in one certain way we just might miss the way He chooses to speak.

Small churches make a big impact when they focus on doing a few things well. You can’t do everything but you can do something. Find out what that is and do it well.

Why is it that we think a church is suppose to live forever? Could it be God’s purpose to call a church into existence for a season, maybe even a short season and then ask it to close down for reasons that might be unclear to us?

Touch, talk, listen, laugh = meaningful marriage.

All churches experience people leaving. People leave for different reasons, some legit, some lame. Some departures reflect a problem with the church. Some departures create a problem for the church, i.e. lost revenue, lost leaders/volunteers, etc. Some departures are a departure of the problem.

When we think of ‘outreach’ we tend to think in terms of programs instead of people. All your people know people who do not know Jesus or are not associated with a church. How will we turn our people into inviters and includers of their people?

Some of our frustrations in attempting to pastor people is that they do not think of us as their pastor. Not everyone who comes to your church regards you as their pastor. “Pastor” is a place in the hearts of people they have to choose to give you.

The first step in effective personal evangelism is to be a nice person who is kind, friendly, and polite.


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