Books by Dave

Naked Man Running: 100 IDEAS that work in a small church. (2017)

For the past ten years I have been coaching pastors of smaller churches. These leaders are always searching for answers and ideas that will relate to the unique challenges of pastoring a small church. Often times frustrated, they return from conferences led by pastors of larger churches telling them how to grow their church or offering them solutions that simply won’t work in a small church. A few years ago I realized that I had been accumulating ideas for the everyday problems pastors face. I’ve gathered all these ideas into one volume and categorized them so that a pastor can easily find answers to their specific problems. Get your copy here.

Belligerent Believers. (2016)

Too many Christians and Pastors have become too hostile, confrontational, and belligerent towards those they disagree with politically or theologically. This is a violent response directed towards those outside and inside the church. Belligerent Believers is an attempt to help us see our belligerence and replace it with love, acceptance, and respect, without compromising our convictions. Get your copy here.

Mile Wide, Inch Deep: Experiencing God beyond the shallows, soul care for busy pastors, and the rest of us. (2014)

Humorist Artemus Ward, a favorite author of President Abraham Lincoln, estimated the river Platte to be “a mile wide and an inch deep.” Many pastors, if they were honest, would say that Ward could have easily been describing their own spirituality. They are a mile wide, and an inch deep. If you feel like your depth of intimacy with God is an inch deep, while your ministry responsibilities stretch you a mile wide, then this book was written for you. For pastors and the rest of us, Mile Wide, Inch Deep will help you experience God beyond the shallows. It’s possible to go deeper. Get your copy here.