Curse you foul hose!

We had what was called a “low producing well” that supplies us with water. A broken garden hose drained our water holding tank and well dry. A well-man and a water-delivery man had to come out in the evening but it was not as a expensive as I had anticipated so all is well (no pun intended) and back to normal.

Sometimes there can be something draining you and you don’t notice it until it’s too late. We had no idea that water was flowing out of the garden hose down in our garden. The advice from the repair man was to have a water-drop to fill the holding tank which would give the well pump a rest and time to adequately fill up and then the normal drain upon the well would be fine.

We needed to let the house draw from the tank for a while and give the well and the well pump a break until it recovers. (That’s actually what the man said, “The well needs some time to recover and the well-pump needs a rest.”)

First the well has to fill up which activates the well pump which sends water to a pressure tank which sends water to the house. Depending upon the size of the pressure tank you can use up that water if you’re not careful. But we have a 2000 gallon holding tank that continuously keeps the pressure tank filled so unless you have something like an undetected broken hose it’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of water.

Now a source of the wells water can dry up but this is unusual. God is my source and never dries up which is no guarantee that I won’t have a problem with my well… my well pump, my pressure tank, or a broken hose. I probably need a holding tank and an occasional water drop.

I think life and ministry is like a low producing well… you have to be careful because a number of things can get you in trouble.


O heavenly father, don’t let my well run dry. Help me to keep drawing from You. Keep my tank full in good times and in bad. Keep helping me to rise early and meet with You. And help me to be aware of You and draw from You throughout my day. Help me to do my part and You, please, do yours.