CP 5: How To Increase ‘Delegation-Success’ By 70%

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Catagory: Pastoral Skills, Chapter 5: How to increase ‘Delegation-Success’ by 70%


For most pastors, the idea of delegation is not new. We’ve all heard sermons about Jethro, Moses’ father in law, who advised Moses to release others to help him bear the load of leading God’s people.

It’s essential for the busy pastor to not only delegate, but also delegate well. You don’t want the task you’ve delegated to be handed back to you later.

Here are seventeen questions to ask before you delegate that will increase ‘Delegation-Success’ by 70%.

1.Have I adequately prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to lead me to the right person?

  1. What type of skills, giftings, and passions am I looking for in the person I choose?
  2. Who can do what I do at least 70% as well as me?
  3. Have I sought a second opinion from someone about delegating this task to this person?
  4. When will I set up a meeting to attempt to recruit this person?
  5. What information will I need to bring with me for my meeting once it’s scheduled?
  6. Who will be affected by this person’s new task?
  7. Will any of those who will be affected need to be informed ahead of time?
  8. What training will be needed for this person to succeed?
  9. What time commitment will need to be made to get them ready?
  10. What resources will they need to carry out their responsibilities?
  11. Have I communicated to them that this will be on a trial basis with a review after an agreed upon period of time? (If it’s not working for them, or for you, then they can get out gracefully.)
  12. Have I built an off-ramp? An off-ramp provides a way out. (see question 12)

Side Note: We need to provide training as to how one resigns from a ministry responsibly.

  1. How much time will I give this person to get back to me with an answer?
  2. Do I have a second choice in case this person decides against taking on this task?
  3. If the person says yes, how much time will this free up for me?
  4. Do I have a prioritized list of remaining action steps I will need to take?


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