CP 36: How To See Your Blind Spots

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Catagory: Pastor’s Personal Life, Chapter 36: How to see your blind spots


A while ago I gave up the fight and made an appointment to see an optometrist. As much as I hated to admit it, it was time for me to get some real glasses instead of those cheap reading glasses I had relied on for the past few years.

I found the whole experience interesting. The doctor checked my vision far and near. He checked out my peripheral vision and the general health of my eye. And then he checked me for blind spots, which, to my surprise, he found. One tiny blind spot in each eye. He assured me that this was normal and almost all people have these tiny blind spots. They are just so small that you never notice them unless you’re an optometrist. I would never have known that I had these blind spots unless my doctor had told me. But then again, that’s the nature of blind spots; you don’t see them.

We all have blind spots. Blind spots, left undetected, can be one explanation for relationship-breakdown and ineffectiveness in some areas of our ministries. It’s essential that we become aware of any blind spots we might have.

One of the most important, gutsy, and helpful questions a pastor can ask someone is, “What blind spots do I have?” Now you don’t want to ask this question of just anyone. But who do you know and trust? Do you know someone that loves you enough to be honest with you? I dare you to sit that person down and ask them, “In your opinion, what blind spots do you think I have?” Or, a similar question that works very well with a leadership team is, “What do you see that I don’t see?”

The answers you get may be a bit hard to hear, but they will be worth it. Never underestimate the likelihood of personal blind spots, and for those blind spots to sabotage your relationships and ministry.


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