A consultant functions much like a coach to the organization. Whereas a coach relates to an individual, the consultant relates to the church board, governing body, or leadership team.
A consultant comes in when a church feels stuck or in need of a fresh set of eyes to help them walk through a challenging situation. The consultant is someone objective and experienced.
A consultant provides honest feedback, practical ideas, and resources that are tailor made for the current size of the church.
Reasons why a church might bring in a consultant:
When they feel stuck.
When considering a new direction.
When they need a fresh set of eyes.
When considering their first hire.
When considering their first church plant.
If momentum or morale is bad.
When they are in decline.
When they have plateaued.
When nothing seems to be working.
If there is a need for someone to mediate conflict.
When bringing in a new pastor.
When determining the pay-package for their pastor or staff member.
If they are a new church plant.
When faced with a crisis.
When wanting to do a church audit/diagnostic.
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