Communist, Socialist = Liberal, Progressive


Recently a ‘friend’ of mine on Facebook shared a meme that said, “Liberals and Progressives are the new Communists and Socialists.

I don’t know if he was referring to Liberal and Progressive as a Christian ideology or Liberal and Progressive as a political ideology. I would guess both but I might be wrong. I don’t want to claim to know what this person meant when using the words liberal and progressive.

I wanted to comment and say something like, “Some people might label me a ‘progressive’ (since if you read books by progressives you automatically are a progressive), so are you calling me a Communist and Liberal?” But I didn’t. People who feel so strongly about such things that they are willing to plaster their contempt all over Facebook are unlikely to engage in a meaningful and respectful conversation, so I concluded I would be wasting my time and moved on to something else.

But did you notice that I just did the same thing? I assumed that if someone was against liberals and progressives that they also were incapable of dialoging with those they disagreed with in a meaningful and respectful way. But I was probably right. 😉

A popular blogger and author just PM’d me and said, “I’m not progressive enough for some progressives and not evangelical enough for some evangelicals.” Believe it or not…I like that.

I commented to my blogger/author friend, not my anti-communist/progressive friend, “You are a man without a country (the title of a short story by American writer Edward Everett Hale, 1863).

I want to be a “man without a country” in the sense that titles really don’t fit me. I want to be allowed by others to be a “man without a country” without being judged or labeled liberal or progressive, or ‘evangelical’ for that matter. And, as hard as it might be, I don’t want to label others or think I know what’s going on in their heads when i don’t.

Labels are seldom a 100% accurate way of describing someone. I know of only one person who was 100% accurate when he labeled people and that was Jesus.

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