Collared by God

“Do not be as the horse or as the mule which have no understanding, whose trappings include bit and bridle to hold them in check, otherwise they will not come near you.” Psalms 32:9

We’ve started leashing Tawny, our one year old (a dog, not one of our grandkids) when people come over because she gets so excited that she won’t respond to voice commands, continuously jumps on people, and is a nuisance. She stays under control, and eventually calms down, but only because we force her to. We’re hoping that eventually she will either always be calm with guests or will come to obey voice or hand commands, not needing the collar. Outside, went on leash, she sometimes cooperates and others I have to literally pull and jerk to get her to go where I want and do what I want. Sometimes she seems more in the mood to be led, to submit, than other times. And the same thing can be said for me.

Sometimes I submit to God’s word or his will only after He has to leash me and dragged me where He wants. He much prefers to use a hand-signal or a voice command instead of a leash. Some dogs, either because they are so big or so stubborn, have to be put on a “choke-chain” to obey. They’ve even invented collars that will shock dogs if necessary. No professional dog trainer would argue that the best is voice command or hand signal. This is the point of Psalms 32:9. Verse 8 mentions God leading us with his eye upon us… not bridling us like one would need to do with the horse.

We fight surrendering to acceptance, contentedness, a life free from striving. Some eventually give up the fight. Most pastors, however, fight giving up the need for success, a larger church, more admiration. Some find peace but but only after the fur around their necks has been worn off and the skin calloused from years of resistance. For others, they go their whole life being pulled along by God never quite learning how to be free, how to enjoy the relationship between them, their church, and their God.

I want to reach the place where I respond to voice-commands, to hand-signals, to the glance of God. I don’t want the father to feel it’s necessary to bridle me.

Is there an area in your life or ministry that you are pulling against God?

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