Care-Package Sunday: an outreach that really works.

Want to have an outreach project that everyone in your church will participate in? Want to have an outreach project that is fun and will cost you next to nothing? Want to have an outreach project that will produce great stories for your congregation to tell? If so, why not try a “Care Package Sunday.”

How many times have members of your church told you about some homeless person either coming up to them asking for money or advertising their need for it at an intersection, and your church member doesn’t know what to do? They don’t want to give them cash for fear that they will use it for alcohol or drugs…but they wish they could do something.

A “care package” is a bag filled with non-perishable goods like granola bars, socks, soap, pop-top fruit cans, tooth paste, tooth brush, etc. that church members can keep with them in the back seat of their cars. When they come upon a homeless person they have something to give them.

A “care package Sunday” is a Sunday morning dedicated solely to the assembly of these care packages. In my former church we did this once a year for a number of years. It was one of the most anticipated Sundays of the year. Here’s how it looked:

  1. The people would arrive with all the articles for the care packages all lined up in front the auditorium. Kind of like an assembly line. These articles had been donated by local businesses. Usually this outreach never cost us a dime.
  2. We would have a shorter worship time.
  3. I would speak for about ten minutes on the subject of showing mercy to the down and out.
  4. The rest of the meeting consisted of the people getting in line to assemble their care packages.
  5. When there were no supplies left we would reassemble and pray that God would bring to us those who needed these bags. Then we would worship and go home.
  6. For the following few weeks each Sunday morning I’d ask if there was anyone who had an opportunity to give away a bag and if they would like to share the experience with the congregation. It was so exciting to hear them share.


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