Book Review: The Wisdom of Wimber by Marty Boller



Since I follow Marty’s blog I was aware that he had been writing on the sayings, teachings, and philosophy of ministry of John Wimber, the founder of the Association of Vineyard Churches. Because of this, I was excited when I heard that he intended to put all of this down in one easy to read book. The Wisdom of Wimber is finally out.

There are three things that Boller has done that make The Wisdom of Wimber both helpful and enjoyable. First of all, he has identified what Wimber had to say about almost every aspect of church life. I don’t know how someone sets out to do something like that but Marty did. Second, each topic, or chapter, is short. This will encourage the reader to take things in little bites as time allows rather than looking for a large chunk of time to sit down and read one or two chapters. Third, at the end of each chapter Marty has provided a model prayer and questions for reflection. I could not help but think how easy it would be to put this book in the hands of your leadership team and then have them discuss some of the questions.

But coming back to these “Questions for you to ponder” as Marty puts it, this book was not written to be read through but to be meditated through. Don’t just read The Wisdom of Wimber but let the wisdom of Wimber read you!

Whether you are part of the Vineyard movement or not, whether you consider yourself part of the Charismatic stream of Christianity or not, there is plenty in The Wisdom of Wimber to inspire, instruct, and challenge your ministry and personal life.

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