Book Review: Platform: Get noticed in a noisy world, by Michael Hyatt

For those of you who don’t know of Michael Hyatt, he is the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.

Along with his responsibilities with Thomas Nelson, Michael is a professional blogger, author and writes on leadership, productivity, publishing, and social media.

I recently finished Michael’s latest book “Platform”, here’s a short video of Michael describing his book.

The thing I appreciated most about Michael’s book was it forced me to look more critically at my own platform (Michael defines a platform as, “…the thing you have to stand on to get heard.”) and in so doing discover many areas that could use improvement. Michaels writes, “You have to get outside the box and learn to dream again.” Platform has challenged me to dream again and look outside of my box, even though I’m fairly pleased with my current box.

Not every chapter was helpful, not because they did not have great stuff, but because they did not relate to my situation. Michael addresses professional bloggers, authors, entertainers and business entrepreneurs, but don’t let that scare you off. There’s plenty of information and tools in Platform for people like you and me who might have a product or flag to wave, a blog, a website, a voice you want heard.

The practical, step by step help in setting up a website, blog, getting started, or better at, Facebook and Twitter is alone worth the price of the book.

Michael has one of the largest blog, Facebook, Twitter, website followers-base in the nation and in Platform he shares with you everything he knows. If you need to build a platform or want to build a better platform then this latest book from Michel Hyatt is what you’re looking for. 

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