Book Review: God-Whispers by Garris Elkins


Ecc. 12: 9-11 says, “The words of wise men are like goads, and masters of these collections are like well-driven nails; they are given by one shepherd.”

Garris Elkins’ God-Whispers is not so much a book as it is a collection of well-driven nails collected over the years by this seasoned pastor. Even though it’s a short book, under 70 pages, it took me a couple months to finish it. The reason? I didn’t read it like I would any other book, but instead, I read it devotionally.

The best way to benefit from God-Whispers is to take it one page at a time. Slowly and meditatively read these nails until one of them stands out to you and then let that lead you into prayer, journaling, refection, etc.

I recommend God-Whispers to you as a great devotional tool to help you enter God’s presence. Here are a few of the ‘nails’ I highlighted:

We can make the word of God affirm things that speak to our bias.

Each generation will discover some historic truth, re-label it and call it “new”.

When you define a life make sure your definition does not include a label. Once a label is placed on someone true dialogue has stopped.

The person you used to be no longer exists except in the mind of those who have chosen to not forgive you.

If we don’t forgive those who betray us we will follow them out into the darkness of unresolved betrayal and like Judas we will ultimately experience death.

Don’t let an angry question rob you of a peaceful response.

Debates create winners based on the bias of the listeners.

The longer I walk with Jesus the more I realize some issues that used to concern me have now been placed on the shelf of insignificance.

We talk about our hope that God will catch us when we fall. The truth is, he never drops us.

In a challenging situation the quality of our response is everything. This is why we were given the fruit of the Spirit called self-control.

One of the challenges about holding an opinion is that the passion for our opinions can cause us to appear opinionated if we are not careful.

Stay put and don’t move until your heart changes. Making a life-change without a heart-change will become a regrettable choice.

Create a pathway of grace with your words so people can return from failure.

A life focused only on the pain of suffering, without Jesus somewhere in the picture, will become a life absent of the songs of worship and deliverance that are birthed in the bowels of suffering.

The answer is always found in a place of rest. The hurry, the rush and the urgent are not the wells from which we will draw what we need.

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