Blowing my own horn.

Please believe me when I say I’m not trying to “blow my own horn” here. And I also do not want to give the impression that every pastor out there has it as hard as those I’ve quoted below. But I do want you to get a picture of how hard it can be to pastor a church, especially a smaller church. Appreciate your pastor, pray for your pastor, support your pastor.

“We had to close the church just a few months ago…once we lost the worship leader to crack, we couldn’t recover… small church, small community, no support group to call and help come fill in…people slowly stopped coming.  I feel whipped, I don’t go out or socialize, just stay home and sleep a lot.”

“There’s never enough time for the role of pastor, follow-up etc. Both my wife and I work full time jobs to support ourselves.”

“I do appreciate your newsletter and all that you are doing to encourage those on the frontline.”

“Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  Things are pretty much in turmoil right now.”

“Dave, I just read the article on “Male Depression” and I just want to say you are “hitting the mark”!  I have been pastoring for over ten years and didn’t realize I had slipped into depression.”

“Trapped may be a good word to describe how I feel. There are many times of late that I feel that I just hate my life — that it is out of control. I hate being so close to broke all the time.”

“Thanks for checking in with us.  Once again I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing.”

“I came to a realization about 2 months ago that I’m dying.  I’m leaking like Swiss cheese but not putting anything back in.”

“I think I need your wisdom, care and coaching. I had coaches before but because of time constraint they were not able to guide me well. I appreciate your time and advice. Thank you.”

“Thank you my brother for such a valuable resource.”

“I was delighted to see something geared towards smaller churches (something that seldom seems on the radar screen at larger denominational events).”

“Our denominational health plan may be “shut down” at the end of this year. My wife and I both have chronic health conditions that make finding replacement coverage somewhere between difficult and impossible…”

“I’m so glad to have you as a resource.”

“Thanks for speaking to those of us who are “small” and want to be, and are thankful!!”

“I’ve visited the site – it’s great and greatly appreciated!  Bless you again for offering this ministry!”

“Thanks for the newsletter! I was attracted to the small church focus.  Some of the other online resources are good, but maybe lack a little relevance to those of us serving in smaller works.”

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