Because it feels so good when I stop

imagesMaybe you heard the story. One man walks up to another man who is repeatedly hitting his head against a wall. The first man says, “Why are you doing that?” and the second man says, “Because it feels so good when I stop.”

It’s not unusual for me to talk to a pastor who, in my opinion, is hitting their head against a wall. Usually this is something to do with their church, some area of constant frustration for the pastor. Maybe despite the pastors greatest effort they cannot convince their people to join a small group, or participate in an outreach, or change worship style, or some way in which the church is organized. They try and try and try…no luck.

Some things need to change but will never change. Some things will change, but not now. Some things will or can change but it’s going to take patience and time.

If you’ve been pastoring for more than thirty days you’ve discovered that change freaks people out. But I don’t want to get side-tacked on the issue of change. I want to address that sound I hear, that “thud, thud, thud” of a head hitting a wall.

Is there something your frustrated with in your church, does it feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall? Maybe you are. Now you can to get a sledgehammer and bust the wall down, or buy a stick of dynamite and blow the wall up, but if you do there will be some collateral damage. I’m not suggesting that we give up on implementing change. Leaders bring about change. Leaders see the need for change when others don’t. But great leaders know when to bring about change and when not to. Leaders are able to recognize when they are hitting their heads against a wall.

Every pastor should have a “Things to address later” shelf in their study. This is where they put great ideas or areas that need to change in their church but it’s not the right time. Everyday they walk past that shelf and remind themselves,’one day but not now.’

Its your choice. You can keep hitting your head against that wall or you can stop. If you do, it will sure feel good.