Ask Your Workweek These Three Questions:

Does your workweek work? By the weekend do you feel weakened?

In my coaching practice I regularly make 2 observations: 1) the pastor’s calendar is too full, and 2) often times the tasks which make up the pastors workweek do not reinforce the vision the pastor has for the church, and as a result, the pastor can find him/herself doing most everything other than pastoring.

In order to have a workweek that works, a workweek that won’t make you weak, you must ask yourself 3 questions:

1) Are the number of hours I’m putting in working for the church sustainable? I don’t believe that 45-50+ hours a week is sustainable. Eventually, somewhere down the road, something is going to break down. It might take years, but eventually one will see the results of 50+ hours a week, especially, if one neglects their days off, vacation time, and quiet times with the Lord.

2) Are the tasks that make up my workweek effective? By effective I mean, are they moving me towards my vision for the church, or away from my vision for the church? Do the tasks that make up my workweek reinforce my call as pastor, or reinforce other things that have little if anything to do with shepherding people?

3) Is my workweek pleasurable? Now I realize that in any job there will be some tasks that you enjoy more than others, and this is certainly true for the pastor. Not everything that makes up your workweek will be enjoyable, pleasurable. But if you are not doing more enjoyable things then unenjoyable things eventually you will burn out. A great exercise for pastors is to look at their workweek, and the tasks which make it up, and identify those things that they draw energy from and those things which take energy from them. You must have more energy-givers then energy-drainers.

When was the last time you seriously looked at how you spend your week? Is your work week sustainable, effective, pleasurable?

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