Are you dizzy, faint? Do you look like a drunk?


If one breathes too shallow for too long, oxygen to the brain is depleted and you faint or feel dizzy. One must slow down and take deep breaths.

Solitude is an act of slowing and deep breathing, not so much for the brain as it is for the heart and soul.

Are there things going on in your life or ministry that are make you feel faint? What about dizzy? Do the problems and challenges you are facing cause your head to spin?

Is your church in trouble? Maybe your church is doing ok but you’re in trouble. You know you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and now the more is chewing you up. Too many hours, too many responsibilities, too much on your plate.

I remember when I was a kid, playing a game where we would spin someone around and around and around and then let them go to see if they could walk or run in a straight line. Of course no one could. We always looked like a drunk.

When we neglect meaningful and consistent times of solitude with God we settle for shallow breathing. We catch a little bit of God here, say a short prayer on the way to an appointment. We hope we can get enough nutrients from our sermon preparation to keep us alive…and it works, to an extent. But this shallow breathing eventually catches up with us. Our soul begins to lack spiritual oxygen. Our heart becomes faint and dizzy.

Have you been breathing too shallow? Can you feel the effects of shallow breathing? Are you spinning around and around and around? If so, cancel your appointments for today. You can do it. Find someplace quiet and spend an hour of so with your Father.

“Well I can’t do that today Dave, I’ve got a really important meeting to go to.”

I don’t doubt that, but I bet if you woke up this morning barfing your guts out you’d cancel your appointments, reschedule for another day, and the sun would still rise in the morning.

There will always be obstacles in our path when we want to take time to cultivate our intimacy with God. Overcome your obstacles. Prioritize your week in such a way that insures times for deep breathing.

Now take in a deep breath and let it out. In…out, in…out, in…out. Doesn’t that feel better?